World's First LGBTQ Commercial Radio Station - Rob Basile
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103.9 PROUD FM – Toronto

Asked if I would consider creating a new audio brand and signing on a new Toronto FM radio station.

The answer? Yes!!!

103.9 PROUD FM is the world’s first commercially licensed terrestrial LGBTQ radio station.

My objective with this very small FM footprint was to develop a meaningful, authentic, styled and focused format for an LGBTQ audience. The tactical objective was to protect the station from being typecast; it had to be inclusive without neglecting its core audience.

The music was to be “smart EDM top 40”; void of vanilla guitars and rap. In 2007 EDM was heating up and many could not recognize how it would eventually dominate contemporary hit radio. The strategy, in true LGBTQ fashion, was to be ahead of the curve.

A great radio experience but most importantly a great human experience!



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