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Orbyt Media is Canada’s premier content syndication group, providing the most comprehensive lineup of programs and the world’s best in class broadcast services to over 400 radio stations in 155 markets across Canada.

Leading the Orbyt Media team for a half decade provided an opportunity to secure, for relicencing and distribution, the world’s most sought after audio content, SaaS tools, and creative broadcast solutions.

In addition, I actively created and directed the development of original content.

This role required:

  • strategic planning for the future course of the syndication business,
  • driving revenue streams,
  • representation at industry events,
  • creation and communication of high level strategic goals to key stakeholders,
  • leveraging data to drive efficiencies and revenue,
  • navigating and overcoming industry economic hardships (COVID-19 pandemic) to increase cash licencing revenues to record highs,
  • building authentic, fair, and honest relationships with every single broadcast partner in Canada and all international content partners.



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