Fashion Radio: American Apparel’s Viva-Radio

It’s eclectic, obscure and inherently cool.  The format is no format.  Some could refer to it as “Hipster Radio” but not in a flattering way. True hipsters are the true taste-makers. They’re the truth from the street. IMHO, they ARE NOT the ironic gals and guys looking like they’re in the witness protection program.

Montreal’s Michael Silver, aka CFCF, is at the curation helm.  The Wednesday daypart is titled “Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth?”

Jamaica’s John Holt comes on followed by four artists I’d never heard of. The music is interesting!

Out of the blue, Lykke Li “Follow Rivers” & Deep Forest “Sweet Lullaby” are inserted into the mix. AMAZING!


Kudos to the curators that take time to seek the unsought.

Check out Viva-Radio and immerse yourself in a different experience.